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Colon and Rectal Clinic

Who we are

Health concern related to digestion or elimination can impact every part of your life. The pain, unpleasant side effects, and persistent worries about diet or daily activities can make it difficult to stay happy and active. At Novant Health Colon and Rectal Clinic, we understand these concerns. That’s why we work to get you the diagnosis and treatment you need without delay so you can get back to living the life you want.

Skilled providers

The providers at Novant Health Colon and Rectal Clinic have dedicated their careers to colorectal surgery. This means they are highly experienced in both diagnosing and treating colorectal concerns. Our surgeons have board certifications in the field. They incorporate years of experience with ongoing education in the very latest nonsurgical and surgical treatment methods to deliver the best and most advanced care possible.

Variety of services

At Novant Health Colon and Rectal Clinic, we understand there are no one-size-fits-all treatment approaches to even seemingly uncomplicated concerns. We see each patient as an individual, and we will work to deliver the personalized treatment you desserve.

In many cases, the first step in delivering the treatment you need is arriving at an accurate diagnosis. We use advanced tools and procedures to investigate your colorectal concerns and determine their cause. Then, we review surgical or nonsurgical treatment options with you based on your diagnosis. If minimally invasive surgery is a possible treatment, we will review those options with you.

Network of care

If you have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer and you have an oncologist or other specialist involved in your care, our office will work with this provider to ensure you receive a continuity of care. We will also make sure your primary care physician is informed of any diagnosis or treatment plan from our office.

Our office is part of Novant Health, a network of renowned physicians and facilities across the Southeast. Should you need a referral for care our office does not provide, you will have access to doctors at the tops of their fields.



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